Easy hacks for parents to make mornings easier. We know that getting children organised in the morning, as well as getting yourself ready is sometimes really HARD. Now that we are back in term 3, some of us are struggling. If this is you, or someone you know, please see what we have found works with our kids.

Eating Breakfast

Morning Routine Hacks#1 - Breakfast

  • Create a list of breakfast choices for your child to choose. No more… 'I don’t know what I want Mum' dramas … there’s a list, pick something, make it (or I will) and eat it.
  • Have their favourite food - who cares if it’s the same cereal each morning. There’s milk and some form of fibre. (We make Coco Pops and sugar cereals a holiday food only !)
  • If you have to get 'car ready' to drive to school … toasted ham and cheese sandwiches can be easily made and mess free eaten (for car and kids clothes) on the way to school.
Brushing Teeth

Morning Routine Hacks#2_Brushing Teeth
  • You brush your teeth and have them come in and do it with you
  • Hismile toothpaste is really cool and kids love the taste
  • Show them your fillings or talk about grandpas false teeth and give them a reason to brush.
  • If you’re having a crazy morning, don’t stress, keep moving. One day isn't going to be a problem.
  • If its been a month and they refuse... book an appointment with the dentist. THAT will be an experience and sometimes you need the 'expert' to tell the kid what you have already told them! 
Brushing Hair

Morning Routine Hacks#3 - Brushing Hair
  • Use a Happy Hair Brush - gotta say it. Our repair spray is wicked with knots.
  • Shower and wash hair the night before. You don’t want to have to dry and fuss with hair.
  • Silk pillowcase helps reduce back of neck dreads. Check out LunaLux as their pillowcases are the best we have found. 


Organising Lunch

Morning Routine Hacks#4 - Lunch Boxes
  • Have a stash of snacks in your pantry that is ONLY for lunches
  • Get the kids to make their own lunch
  • Again, be ok if your kid has the same thing for lunch every day.
  • If you are busy and have the budget and can do online lunch orders and that makes life easier for you, do that !


Being READY!
  • Define what being ready in your house looks like.
  • Is it shoes on, teeth and hair brushed, lunches and water bottle in bag and jacket in hand and hat on head? Is it all of those things either in their bag or in their hands ready to sort out in the 30 minute car ride to school? Let the kids know what you expect when you say ready. In our house door ready is lunch and water packed, dressed and ready to walk out the door. 
  • Is it a certain time? Have a clock clear for the kids to see - digital or analogue is fine, whatever works for them, and your decor. Also a great opportunity to teach the time to younger kids. Use the tactic, when the big hand is on the 6 it’s time to go!
  • Have firm consequences. If they forget their lunch and they were responsible for it, let them know you wont be driving to school to drop it off. One day of missed lunch won't kill them and most primary schools /teachers will find some food for a kid who has forgotten their lunch but the embarrassment and/or hunger will help THEM not to do it again. 
  • Call out the times... Ok kids, 10 minutes and you need to be 'door ready' and at that 10 minute mark announcement, turn off any devices they may be on. Don't expect them to turn off and/or watch the time naturally. Kids brains don't run on schedules. They learn that over time and sadly... some never do (ah thats for another article). 

So as you can appreciate, having smooth mornings means you need to be a bit organised to make it happen. Have certain foods on your shopping list every week, don't worry if strawberries are too expensive this week. If thats the only fruit your kid will eat, buy them and save on something else in your trolley. And the final thing... get up before everyone else so you can get yourself ready and/or prep the night before. Even if you get to bed bone tired (we do)... drag yourself back out and do the small things that will make the morning easier. Be prepared rather than a screaming or frustrated victim to the chaos. That is self care baby!

Remember, the primary goal is to get the kids out the door, limbs and life intact, your mental health preserved and the relationship between you both remains loving and eternal.

We hope this helps you or anyone you know, deal with the slog of parenting in the morning. Bring on the day when you don’t have to do this anymore. We sure are looking forward it, some mornings very much so!
Lots of love from the Happy Hair Brush team xx
September 01, 2023 — Jen Harwood