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Excellent brush

Bought one for curly haired granddaughter. She liked it so much I tried it and bought another.!

Excellent buy!

Granddaughter has curly hair and its a battle to get her hair done as no brush has worked pain free till I purchased this for her. She not only is happy to have her hair done now but she is keen to do it herself as well!

Love it!

Highly recommend if you or your children have curly hair. I even recommend it for those who don’t have curly hair like myself. Hair brushing in our house hold was frowned upon especially with a toddler with curly hair but now she enjoys brushing her hair and we no longer have tears or complaints while brushing. I also use it for my hair (long straight hair) and I have noticed less hair in the brush which means less breakage and damage.

Best thing for cleaning. I use this daily.

Love my brush. If you’re on the fence you won’t regret it.

The Best

Hairbrush I’ve ever had, highly recommended.

Amazing brush

I really do love my mother brush. As a busy mum I barely have time to brush my hair before the day begins but with this brush I’m able to quickly brush through knots in a matter of minutes. It’s so easy and also the mini version is great for my toddler who hates having his hair brushed. He now does not complain at all because it is pain free for him. Definitely recommend


Best hair brush I have ever owned! Gets through knots so well and is gentle on the hair! 100% recommend!

Love my ladybird happy hair brush

I bought one of these lovely brushes for each of my granddaughters, but loved them so got each for my sisters and I too, love it

We’re amazed, love this hairbrush

Got this set for my 7 year old who is constantly wanting to wear her hair out, is always upside down, doing cartwheels and handstands and brushing always had tears, this brush just glides through! It’s amazing, she loves having the small one for herself and I find the bigger one brilliant for the super knotty days. Super highly recommended!

Amazing brush

Skeptical but now a believer

I’ve seen your ads for so long, but I was very skeptical at first, so I brought the cheapest. I’m definitely a believer in this brush and its magical powers. My daughter sees a hair brush and RUNS the opposite way. I’ve never met a kid so afraid of a hair brush. This is absolutely life changing! Her hair is done in literally a minute now. And she enjoys it. Absolute life changing!

Very Happy Sent to my daughter and she is very happy

These are amazing for curly haired, brush avoidant kids

Love it- massages as well as brushes!

Happy hair brush

Best ever brush everyone should have one

My grand daughter (and especially her mother) are very happy with this hairbrush. Has made the daily task so much easier and happier!

Miracles Do Come True

I’ve searched high and low for a brush that battles my knots and doesn’t hurt. My hair is thin and fine, and the tangles I get are disastrous. This is the first ever brush that untangles my hair in no time, and doesn’t pull or hurt! I couldn’t believe it even after a few days of using it! I have not stopped recommending this to my friends and family.
The only reason I’m giving this 4 stars instead of 5, is that upon first uses the brush shed some of the bristles. I felt with the price tag the brush should not have done this.


Love love love them. Thanks Happy Hair brush co.

Didn't believe it

So brought just to see if it was true and all I can say is where was this when my girl was younger 🤣🤣🤣 even used on my frizzy hair and it went through easy still can't get over it will deffs recommend to anyone

Not as good

We bought this to go to school camp, as we have the original.
Sorry guys, but the mini is no where near as good as the original one!

Happy Hair Brush - Pink
Kelvin Davison
Expensive shipping...

Product is average, over priced with the $10 shipping. Can get same quality product cheaper elsewhere.

Happy Hair Brush - Gold
Wendy Taranaki
Happy Hair Brush Gold

Its gold

Sensitivity resolved

Having had a sensitive scalp since forever, this brush has helped me tame my dry, flyaway, thin hair like never before. So great full. Thanks 😊

Autistic experience

My 5yrold autistic daughter despised her hair being brushed, fought like crazy. It was horrible. Since this brush came into our lives, the birds nest is gone, she allows us to brush daily. Gobsmacked mama bear right here.
FANTASTIC! 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️