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Definitely buy it

I was uncertain about this given I have tried lots with daughter. It is amazing! No tears and she's happy to have her hair brushed now. Totally recommend.

Excellent product

This hairbrush is fantastic! It is much easier to brush my daughter’s hair now - which is fine and gets knotty easily. Highly recommend!

Miraculous Ladybug Gift Set
Chantelle Charlton
Good brushes

They’re good brushes - more gentle then regular brushes but definitely not pain free
Our household is a mixture of thick wavy, thick curly and thick straight. Still takes quite a bit of time to work through my four year olds curly knots.
Might not be as much of a problem on thinner hair.

My Little Pony Gift Set
Jackie Williams
My little pony twin pack

This right here THE brush, I have tried many different styles of brushes recommended and nothing worked. My 4 yr old with come to daycare with me with crazy hair as it was not worth the battle most mornings. A work friend brought her one in for me to try I sat back ready to laugh and it almost had me crying happy tears. Miss 4 sat and ate her Kai as her hair was brushed no crying no screaming no ouchhhhh. Brought that day arrived a week later best product ever. She now brushed her own hair and loves brushing her pony’s hair with their little brushes.

Happy Hair Brush - Pink
Carol Broadhead

My 10 year old loves the hair brush and the hair gets brushed more often now without groans Thankyou

LOVE ! My girls love it

Absolutely love this brush,it is hot demand and the new favorite in out home of 3 girls. Glides through thick, wet or dry hair like a dream. Definite recommend! We just brought another one for the MIL


My daughter absolutely loves this brush and said it is the best brush she has ever tried! She has super long think hair and this works a treat


We have used this on a daily we have thrown away all out other brushes.! We have a tender headed little girl I hated seeing her almost in tears doing her hair. It's down to her bum and full of curls the first time we used it we had been at the beach all day she was matted the shower pressure wasn't going to rinse her hair but it needed a brush as we were out for a few more days. I was brushing she didn't make a peep I looked at her dad like are you seeing this ! Then when were done she was so surprised we were finished ✅️ ✔️ 👍 100% recommended!!!!

Happy hair brush.

Works amazingly well. Kids are so much happier brushing their hair.

Ladybird brush

Fantastic for a sensitive scalp or a child that hates their hair being brushed. Highly recommend.

Lady Bug hairbrush

Was sceptical but wow O take it all back- so works!!!
Love it

Happy hair brush

Bought for granddaughter. She likes it and says it gets knots out easily

Love this brush!

Wish I bought this years ago would’ve saved so many frustrating mornings and tears. Really gets through the tangles and leaves hair smooth and beautiful and my girls love it!

Best hairbrush ever!

Honestly the best hairbrush we’ve ever used. Family of curls, knots, long hair - this brush is the best! Thank you!

Excellent brush

My daughter loves this brush. Even though it doesn't slide through like butter every time, it has definitely lessened her tantrums about having her hair brushed & does the job faster than her other brushes.

Best thing since sliced bread!!!

This brush was a present to myself. 100% happy with my purchase. Dreaded brushing my hair everyday and sometimes I wouldn't brush for days. Was so over the pulling of hair, dreads at sime stages, broken brushes, you know it. Found your website online so thought why not? Best thing I ever did. 5 minutes brush versus 30-40 minutes it doesn't take a scientist....thanks guys

My Little Pony Gift Set
Christine Lord

Love the brush no more screaming moko we absolutely love it and she even combs her own hair also 💯😊

Better than amazing

I thought it would be good but I was not prepared for it to be amazing. The first couple of times I used the brush I didn't think it was doing a good job because it didn't hurt. I actually used my old brush afterwards to check and see if there were any knots! I was so surprised that there weren't any. What a wonderful brush - it does exactly what it promises. My only gripe is that I should have bought one ages ago.

Great hairbrush - got one for myself and my daughter. We have very different hair types but works wonders on both our hair. Highly recommended.

Stopped the brushing battle

This hair brush is great. My 10 year old now doesn’t complain and fight me over getting her hair brushed. She will even start brushing it herself so happy hair brush happy child

2 x Hair Brushes

I purchased for both my daughters and they absolutely love this brush. It is definitely way better than anything else.

Happy kids :)

My girls love these brushes. They even brush their own hair now. It's nice and gentle, making hair brushing a much more relaxing time.

Best Hair Brush Out

Omg I read a lot of the reviews before purchasing the Sensory Hair Brush but was still very skeptical until it arrived now I won't be using anything but this Brush n will be buying more in the future

Three hair brushes

I purchased three hairbrushes and have reviewed the gold one. They are all the same so not sure why I actually need to review each one. I purchased one for myself and one to have at home for the grandchildren and one to give to another grandchild as a gift. Brilliant brushes.

It works!

Very happy with the happy hair brushes we bought! I was suspicious at the beginning because we tried several different brushes that have similar claims. But this time it works! My daughter doesn’t scream or frown or run away anymore when I brush her hair!