from the beginning...

How it all began.

Happy Hair Brush™ founder Jen Harwood is a single mum and has a deep bond with her daughter Rose. Howver it was tested and stretched EVERY morning when Rose was 5 at pre-school. Rose's hair was thick and she had a sensitive head. Not wanting to deal with daily brushing fiasco Jen cut Roses' hair shoulder length to try and manage getting it in a ponytail as per pre-school requirements. Jen was about to ‘chop it all off’ into a short bob a year later when Rose started Kindy as the daily drama and fighting by the front door got worse and the hair brushes was just too much – for mother and daughter!

After a year of struggle and trying out many different brushes, Jen had had enough and she looked for manufacturers to create her own. It took various rounds of prototypes until the Original Happy Hair Brush was born – a brush that combines 5 brush designs into one.

Upon sharing the brush with her sister Kate, who loved it... Jen knew, this was going to be a game changer for women & their children globally. That is when Jen set the mission of making one million people happy!

Changing lives one head at a time!

Meet the dream team that makes it all happen.

Jen Harwood


Jen is an award winning motivational speaker, business coach and 4 times published author. Jen's passion is supporting people in being all they can be. Making a difference is her auto-pilot. Solo mum to daughter Rose, Jen's mission is to change the narrative around brushing hair for everyone, everywhere.

FAV HAIR HACK: Get a Happy Hair Brush ! I know, thats it really.
FAV LIFE HACKS: Do whatever makes you happy and then keep going when it gets hard because that's when the magic happens.


Also known as: Jen / Mum / Mummy / Muuuuum!!!!

Hi, I am Jenny. I am a mum of 4 amazing children, I love spending time with family and friends, walking on the beach and believe it or not my job at Happy Hair Brush!  My role at HHB includes all facets of customer service, logistics, warehousing, stockists and all the day to day operations!

FAV HAIR HACK: Mum bun, so no one can tell you haven't washed your hair for a!!
FAV LIFE HACK: Blending vegetables so my kids don't know what's in their food! 

Jen (aka JP)

Also known as: JP, Pickers, Yenny, 'Rockstar'!

My job is to make everything look good! Graphic Design studied & trained in the industry for over 25 years, I look after all the visuals for the brand and how we look out to the market. I love what I do!! I am a Mum to two boys (9 & 13) which keeps me busy! I love keeping active and having fun - family, crossfitting, baking, beaching, and a few margaritas keep me in check and make life worth living!

FAV HAIR HACK: Mandatory Mum Bun is my daily go to! Although using my Mother Brush is key to lucious locks when it's out and flowing!
FAV LIFE HACK: Get up, get moving and just get 'it' done!



I'm a Chartered Accountant and a self confessed numbers nerd, with a passion for ecommerce and supporting women in business. I left behind my corporate accounting career to run my own online fashion label, which is how I met the wonderful Jen! Fast forward five years, two babies and a business sale under my belt, I realised my true passion is for running the backend of a business, so when Jen asked me to join her team to support her with all things numbers, I jumped at the opportunity. 

FAV HAIR HACK: Use dry shampoo to stretch out the days between washes as it helps to stabilise the hair's natural oil production. I love our new LUXE haircare range, it leaves my hair feeling amazing for days.

FAV LIFE HACKS: Keep moving forward, opportunities can't find you if you're standing still. 

We're on a mission...

We are on a mission to change the world. For everyone to have our brushes and for the opportunity for EVERYONE to love their hair. But we're not "just" a hair brush company. We put our community at the heart of everything we do and are constantly partnering with other brands and charities to make our difference in other ways.

Award Winning

We are proud to be...

100 % Aussie Owned

Based in Sydney, Australia, founded by Jen Harwood in 2018.

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Donated 10,000+ brushes to those in need Australia wide.

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