The first year of school is the year of Independence. Self care and grooming is a vital step for all children to learn how to take care of themselves and get ready for the day. With the right hair brush, a child will happily learn how to brush their hair. With the wrong hair brush the child will experience repeated upsetting and distressing experiences on a daily basis. At such an impressionable age a child can easily form a negative relationship with their hair and their identity. It does sound silly, but I assure you, it happens all the time and has happened for millions of young girls, now grown up women who are becoming mothers of daughters. 

Many mornings before school and after swimming lessons and after evening bathing there can be numerous upsets and fights because your little one refuses to have their hair brushed. This is usually due tot he fact that the brush you are approaching your child with hurts, pulls, rips hair out and the child doesn't want that experience and puts up a fuss.

Unfortunately, the mother, father and even grandparents learned when they were a kid to put up, shut up and deal with the pain and discomfort to have their hair brushed, because it was the only brush they had. Well, here in the 21st century, the Happy Hair Brush exists and they don't hurt, they don't rip hair out and they even massage your head when used. Its a happy and pleasant experience and every parent needs one. They are an experience, and have a 100% money back guarantee.

Happy Hair Brushes allow your child to be independent & proud. Just as going to the right dentist when kid's teeth are growing, and getting the right shoes fitted for your child's feet...  if you get the right hairbrush early on, you avoid all the hassle and trauma and your child will LOVE their hair, just how it is and will  know how to take care of it. And you as the parent or grandparent have beautiful moments together and talk about things that are really important... rather than screaming and carrying on !

We are on a mission to change the experience of hair brushing for people everywhere !  Try a Happy Hair Brush today and change the game for your whole family. 

September 01, 2023 — Jen Harwood