Taking care of our kids goes beyond preparing lunchboxes and dressing them up for an occasion. There’s more to it than handing them their school money or telling them bedtime stories.

Raising a child involves a lot of decision-making. Should I allow him to play soccer outside when it’s very hot? Is letting her stay out with friends till late at night all right?


Parenting means having to ask a lot of questions and finding the answers in everyday experiences. And of these questions, there’s something we find ourselves asking more often than anything, an aspect in their lives that involves more than just seeking answers to trivial queries: What is good for their health?

Keeping our kids healthy is every parent’s main priority. But the thing is, this is a goal more complex than we think it is. Not only do we need to prepare them nutritious foods, but we also need to make sure they don’t consume too much of the unhealthy ones. And not only do we have to make sure they don’t get skin infections from playing outside too long, but we also have to make sure they’re well blanketed at night so mosquitoes don’t go feasting on their sweet blood as they sleep. It even goes as far as carefully choosing what kind of fabric the pillow is made of so they don’t wake up to skin rashes.

And if we have to keep their skin at its best, there’s another body part that needs just as much attention: their hair.

The not-so-surprising truth of the matter is that maintaining healthy locks requires more than a good shampoo. If you are having a hard figuring out what steps to take to keep their mane healthy, here are some hair care tips all mommies out there should keep in mind.


This should go without saying, but we are taking the time to mention it anyway, as this is very important. A week shouldn’t go by without your child’s hair washed at least two times.

It is worth noting, however, that it is entirely up to you how many times you want to give your kid’s locks the wash they need. Just keep in mind that when deciding on the frequency of the washing, you should consider your kid’s hair type. If they have naturally dry hair, you might want to wash them even less. And if you have a kid who is into water-based sports, you might have to do it more, as your kid’s mane would need some washing after getting soaked in the pool, which is like a big container of chemicals.

Pay attention to the kind of water you rinse it with as well. Hot water is a no-no, as it can lead to unwanted results aka damaged cuticle. Go for cool or lukewarm water.


Even drying your kid’s hair with a towel requires much care. Don’t just rub it for the sake of drying it fast. Be gentle, as doing the opposite can cause cuticle damage, breakage, and ultimately hair fall and you don’t want your kid to have that.

Squeeze the water out of the hair first. Once it’s squeezed out, rid of the remaining liquid in their locks by gently rubbing the towel through them.


Yes, you have a brush there that has always worked for you, but is it safe for your kid? Do not use your experience as a basis when deciding on something that involves your child. Just because it works does not mean it will work for them too.

There are adult brushes that just won’t work on the little ones, so when selecting the best detangling brush for kids, make sure it won’t damage their hair and their scalp and won’t have them screaming in pain.

A good example of these brushes is Original Happy Hair Detangling Hair Brush. Soft Bristle Brush Suitable for Knotty Hair, Fine Hair, Sensory & Sensitive Heads.

When combing your child’s hair, be sure to do it from the end and brush your way up to the shaft. Aside from there’ll be fewer tears with this method, it also prevents some strands from breaking and their hair shedding too much.


Cutting their hair regularly is another hair care tip every parent should remember. Trimming the hair after every two weeks will get rid of the split ends, keeping the hair as healthy as it can be. You can choose to hit the nearest salon for this or do it yourself at home, whichever your kid finds more comfortable.


Yes, they help make your kid’s hair look good, but they are in no way actually beneficial. If anything, hair products like gel, dye, and relaxers can damage their hair. So only use them when really needed. If used every day, these products can leave your kid’s hair brittle and, worse, dead.

Hope this list has helped you in more ways than one in keeping your kid’s hair shiny, bouncy, and just overall healthy.

September 01, 2023 — Elodie Obkircher Vela