If you're looking to detangle long, thick hair then you’ve come to the right place! If you’ve ever had a Princess Diaries moment and witnessed your thick mane break a brush - you know the struggle is REAL. 

Being gifted with thick hair, which can be straight, wavy, or curly in texture is both a blessing and a curse in some cases. When it comes to thick hair, each strand has a larger diameter and is therefore fatter, or thicker across the strand. Typically, thick-haired people can look as if they have more hair on their head. However, this isn’t as first thought. It has a lot to do with the high density of hair growth from the scalp. 

To maintain beautiful thick hair (which can be prone to knots and tangles, and longer to dry) you need the best hair brush for thick hair.

Finding the best hair brush for thick hair can be a game changer for your hair-care routine, allowing for easier styling, less frizz, and overall healthier hair.

The key, as with most types of hair, is knowing:

Thick hair strands are thicker and wider than most other hair types. These thicker strands when cared for properly can hold a curl or style well, and look healthy, thick, and strong. The trick is to have a brush that smoothes your beautiful mane and keeps your hair in great condition. 

The weather, hair treatments, and many other factors will affect how much thick hair looks and behaves. You’ve probably tried it all - but do you know you could be using the best hair brush, The Mother Brush and it’s a game changer?

Let us take a deeper dive and understand thick hair better.

Frizzy Hair

Thick hair is more prone to break since it cannot hold the same amount of tension as thin hair. The more the hair breaks, the more it will frizz, making it harder to manage and easier to tangle, and difficult to brush. Using the best hair brush will help to minimize the pain of trying to untangle it.

Try​​ to avoid heat styling like: Blowing dry, curling, and straightening which can all dehydrate the hair and lead to split ends, which can worsen frizz.

Dry Hair

You're more likely to experience dryness if your hair is thick and coarse. This can cause rough texture, wiry or damaged hair, and dull-looking hair. because the scalp cannot produce enough oil to keep it moisturized.

The trick about dryness is all about hydration, a weekly hair treatment, vitamins, and using the proper hair care in combination with a proper detangling brush will give your hair a boost and will help tackling your thick hair.


Tangled & Knotted Hair

Another reason to use the best hair brush for thick hair is because its easier to detangle when you’re using a high quality hair brush. Lets be honest, the morning brushing routine could be a total nightmare for us and our kids - especially having a thick and tangled hair, it could honestly feel like a chore that we wish we could magically skip and all is done perfectly, and (most importantly) scream-free!


So what is the best hair brush for thick hair and frizzy locks?

Using The Mother Brush, in our opinion the best hair brush in Australia, makes the brushing routine dramatically less stressful and time-consuming given the hassle that people with thick hair must overcome.

There’s overwhelmingy so many brush out there, paddle brushes, round brushes, tooth combs, how can you possibly know which type is the best hair brush for you? We created a brush that does it all, without the hassle of having multiple brushes.

Lets break down the best hair brushes for thick hair and frizzy hair types.

The Mother Brush is the only brush you’ll ever need to tame your thick hair and let it live its best thick life. It is the mother of all brushes, taking a detangling hairbrush technology to a new level from its predecessor the Original Happy Hair Brush. This - is the best hair brush for women of all ages. 

best hair brush mother brush

What makes it a better hair brush for thick hair than any other brushes out there?

The Mother Brush is the answer if your previous brushes have let you down by ripping your thick hair, pulling it, or breaking your bleached hair. This is the hair brush that will love your thick hair back.

 It is designed to be the best hair brush for thick hair so that it can still flow through the brush without being tugged, while also allowing the brush to reach the roots and scalp.

The new Boar bristles that are extra long and pins that are meant to gently glide through extremely thick and tangled hair to tame curls and knots. The Mother Brush is superior to all other brushes by far in terms of strength, length, and quality. Everything you want it to be. We promise not to let you down!

Brush your hair with a detangling brush while massaging your scalp

The Mother Brush's boar bristles also aid in distributing the natural oils from your scalp through your hair, giving it a gorgeous, organic glow. The best hair brush's  for thick hair extra-length nylon bristles glide effortlessly through your long hair, as a bonus - giving your head a deep massage. Also, this brush is one piece handle and brush head. There is no join between them. Most brushes have a join and hair can get caught in the join. And another great thing about this hair brush, Its actually light weight, so your arms won't feel like you've been working out to brush your hair.

This isn't just for adults!

Hormones cause tweens and teenagers' hair to become more oily. This will give the appearance of thicker, more difficult-to-brush hair. They can easily detangle and enjoy brushing with The Mother Brush.

The main goal of parents in the morning is to get the kids up, dressed, fed, hair brushed, and no parent wants their child to walk out the door with a messy - tangled hair! We created brushes for them too! Shop our kids range of detangling brushes here. 

The best hair brush come with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

We enjoy what we do! If you do not, we will refund your money in full. We even refund all shipping costs, so when you buy from Happy Hair Brush Australia, you have nothing to worry about. We want you and your thick hair to be happy all the time!

The Mother Brush was created to be with you for the rest of your life, to be the best hair brush for your thick hair, to look after you, to make you smile like your best friend, and to keep the promise it makes - like a mother.


best hair brush for thick hair
September 15, 2023 — Elodie Obkircher Vela