Teen hair = Their Room !

If your teen keeps their room neat and tidy, we have found that they are more likely to willingly wash and brush their hair often. If you have a teen like this, congratualtions... we suspect though that you are in the minority of parents.

If your teen's room is messy, or better yet, you're not allowed in, then washing & brushing hair for your teen will be as occasional as cleaning up their room ! We feel your despair. We have it too.

So whichever teen you have, we can assure you, they will love the Happy Hair Brush becuase its easy and effective and FAST. Boys will use it as much as girls and our brushes will get through up to 2 week old, unwashed hair with loads of hair spray, gel, dry shampoo and other sytling products they use to make their hair 'perfect'.

Tips for parents with tweens & teens

Do teens really need a special brush?

Absolutely ! Having our own tweens and teens now, trying to get them to wash, have a shower let alone a bath is nearly impossible. They want full responsibliity for all self care and for most, its not the same standard as parents.

Jokes aside, tweens and teens have hormonal changes that cause the scalp to release MORE sebum (hair oil) and many kids find their hair thickens. So to help them manage, a Happy Hair Brush, and in some cases a Mother Brush is required to stop dreads, bed hair & birdsnests occuring.

Because we all know the drama that comes with matted, knotted, semi-dreaded hair and trying to get it out with a tween/teenager who gets angry, emotional and is a lot bigger than a toddler... you might as well get the clippers out !!!

How do I get my BOY to use this brush?

Simply put, its about picking your battles. There are times when you as the parent want a clean, hair brushed kid that is presentable. THAT is when they must use the brush. So the brush stays somewhere they can find it, like a dresser or by their bed, not the floor or under the bed !

For some boys, this brush allows them to be even more of a chick magnet. Point out that girls may want to brush his long hair or… sigh… his prized mullet!

For other boys, this brush will help them be ready for their part-time job after school or on the weekend. Well kept employees represent being organised and they will get more opportunity over other scruffy looking kids. 

And for sensory challenged boys, or non-verbal, once they have it in their hands and brush their hair, they will also enjoy using it on their arms and legs as its soothing and helps them to de-sensitise.

Really, our advice here is... make it clear to your boy or young man that there are times you expect brushed hair and this is what will be the easiest and fastest solution for him.

How do I get my GIRL to use this brush?

Give it to her and let her use it. The end !