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Men's hair health is important

In our experience, a lot of men just use whatever brush is lying around to tidy up, get sorted and get going. Brushing hair for a lot of men isnt a priority and they go with neat and clean. Other men, dont mind messy or curly and have adopted the bun strategy to deal with unwashed, dirty and unmanageble hair. Why... because the traditional brushes they have used in the past, even the men-orientated full blown boar bristle manscaping brushes dont actually do a great job, but... men persist. Well, that stops now with the Happy Hair Brush Range and Mother of All Brushes.

Men of all ages LOVE the massage our brushes give and they are great for short hair just as much as long hair. Why? Its quick and effective and FEELS really great. we've had many men just stand there brushing their head as they are talking to us. So fun.

Ok, so, if your man has long hair, well, he's in for a treat with the Mother of All Brushes. These bad boys get into the hair and sort it out, detangle and smooth in just a few strokes. The come in cool colours to suit everyone.

If you have a teen with a prize mullet, who eont brush... give them one of these and tell him he can brush on wet or dry hair and stand back. I promise you they will love it. Its a tool that will actually do the job !

And beards... our mini brushes are brilliant to smooth, shape and scape a beard and short hair and the minis are also fabulous for the young man in your life too.

Happy Hair is for everyone, no matter the age or stage of life. xx


Is this brush for real?

Yes it is. We know its hard to believe. Why hasnt a brush like this been available to the masses sooner? Well, Jen, our founder believes the hair brush industry has not actually been interested in solving the actual problem of brushing hair because... it's not in their interest to sell you only one brush that actaully works when they can sell you 10-15 brushes over a life time and keep you confused about your hair and how to take care of it.

In her 2007 book, The How of Happiness, positive psychology researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky elaborates, describing happiness as “the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.”

So... we want all of that for you when brushing your hair. If feels good, your hair ends up looking good, your well-being is amplified from the massage and you have a sense that life is good with well brushed hair. Call us crazy... but we believe a Happy Hair Brush to be an essential element of a a person's toolkit to overall happiness.

What's the benefit of brushing hair?

There are many benefits of hair brushing. How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? Lets go a little way for now.

Brushing is done in the morning and when you brush you are active, you move your neck and shoulders and get into action.

Hair brushing is a very sensual and personal activity and allows you to connect with yourself. You get to decide the presssure and intensity and also... you are in 100% control.

Brushing also stimulates your scalp which will in turn stimulate blood flow which encourages hair growth.

Hair brushing also moves the sebum (hair oil) from the scalp along the hair folicles which protects them and also adds a natural shine to your hair.

Hair brushing also removes debris, dirt and a whole lot of ofther things from your hair. Its just like sweeping the floor, or raking up leaves in the garden, hair brushing sweeps out everything you dont want in your hair and leaves it neat, tidy and complete.

Hair Brushing also gives you a sense of self satisfaction and achievement. Your hair looks good and you approve. A great way to walk into the world.

Thats it for now, we will add more later. If you can think of something else here, pop us an email and we will add it. And we might even send you a brush as a thank you! xx

Will my partner and/or kid's steal my brush?

Umm... yes, we are afraid so. Get one for every member of the family and one for you and maybe get a spare to keep hidden from them as well. Just sayin! (we speak from experience).