Happy Hair Brush + Miraculous Ladybug all in one place!

These limited edition and Happy Hair exclusive products feature hair products inspired by Miraculous Ladybug and her super friends.  All of these products are exclusive to Happy Hair Brush and you won't find them anywhere else in Australia or New Zealand.
If you are in New Zealand, order here... our warehouse in NZ will ship directly to you.


Prepare for Something Miraculous!

NEW Miraculous Ladybug & CatNoir coming soon! You can now get even more Miraculous Ladybug and CatNoir adventures with Season 5 out now on Disney Plus.

Exciting movie news - THE FATE OF THE WORLD IS IN THEIR HANDS. Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie arrives on Netflix July 28th! #MiraculousNetflix

Happy Customers
Getting our 9-year-old to brush her hair was a nightmare and her beautiful curls and thick hair would end up in constant knots, leading to fights over hair care. This brush has resolved so many arguments, she loves Miraculous Ladybug and it reduces the pain of hair brushing with its amazing design. Would highly recommend!
— Heidi W ~ on the Miraculous Ladybug Original Paddle
Wow - the hairbrush I didn't know we needed! To be honest I had accepted that tears and screaming were a given with getting the knots out of our girls' hair, and figured this would never change. Guess what - it CAN change, with these hairbrushes! And really - my girls really are happy to pick up the brushes and brush their own hair, now. Truly - miraculous!
— Anonymous ~ on the Miraculous Ladybug Original Paddle
I love it. I bought it for my daughter along with the travel mini brush, but I've stolen this one for myself. I find it incredibly soothing & like a massage on my head!
— Els ~ on the Miraculous Ladybug Mini Brush
Best thing I ever did was buy these products. It has made brushing my little girls hair so easy and she wants to brush it now!
— Olivia ~ Miraculous Value Pack