Many parents of sensory kids give up trying to brush their child's hair as sometimes it is a battle not worth winning and/or not the highest priority of care.  

Most brushes over stimulate the sensory child by either pulling knotty hair till it hurts, scratching their scalp or, because many brushes do this, it causes the parent to fuss and preen way too much causing over connection and personal interaction that the child doesn't want and gets upset about.

The Happy Hair Sensory Brush literally glides through knots, doesn't pull out hair and in 5-6 strokes from crown to hair ends, you've got brushed hair. Seriously, this is what happens. Younger sensory kids don't know what's happened because brushing is over and done with before it began and older kids/teens, hoard the brush in their room and have been known to use the brush on their hair, arms and legs for the massage factor to self soothe.

If you have a child that over-reacts to hair brushing or has a sensory challenge that is diagnosed, our sensory brushes and mini brushes are the bomb. They are slightly softer and less scratchy on a sensory kid and honestly will change their life and yours.