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Say Goodbye to Hair Brushing Drama Forever !

We heard you, Mom! It feels like a nightmare to brush your little one’s hair between those horrifying tears and tantrums and the neighbors thinking you are nuts…. and it gets worse when you wildly chase them around holding that hairbrush while your kid runs screaming for their life. But not anymore…

The Happy Hair Brush™ is here to change the game forever! Its award-winning design features flexible bristles that gently glide through the hair detangling even the toughest knots, providing a pain-free experience. No more tears or drama – just happy smiles and silky hair!

From Tears To Cheers

Hear From Thousands Of Happy Mothers

A Literal Game-Changer!

“AMAZING! My daughter has curly hair and hates anyone brushing it to the stage that she had matted clumps in her hair. Now when I ask to brush her hair, she says okay but only with the good brush.”

- Lisa

Made Mornings Easy!!!

“My daughter used to cry every time we had to comb her hair. No more tears is an understatement. She volunteers to comb her hair with your wonderful brush. It will be my forever recommendation for knotty hair.”

- Erin

A Hairdresser Recommended The Happy Hair Brush

“This brush is a game-changer. My daughter has very curly, tangle-prone hair and we have tried The Tangle Teaser and Lady Jayne but it’s absolutely superior. Worth the $”

- Rebekah

I’m Calling It A Miracle

“I honestly can’t believe how good this brush is. Miss 4 no longer runs away screaming when I try to brush her hair. Even when it’s wet and knotty from the pool it doesn’t pull.”

- Emily

Wondering What Makes The Happy Hair Brush™ Pain-Free?

Glad you asked! The secret to the best detangling hairbrush lies in the bristle structure and body shape. The founder, Jen Harwood, went through many rounds of prototypes when designing the Happy Hair Brush™. It combines 5 different designs into one — a paddle, a comb, boar bristles, long vent brush pins, and a wide comb.

All details of this expertly-designed hairbrush prevent hair breakage by smoothly gliding through the hair while separating knots, without pain or tears. It can handle even the most challenging hair while protecting even the most sensitive heads.

All Hair Types Covered!

30 days money-back guarantee

No matter the hair type — straight or curly, thick or thin, long or short, wet or dry, natural or extensions — the Happy Hair Brush™ has got you covered. It smoothly glides through all hair types, making it the go-to brush for your whole beloved family.

Thousands of families have already made the switch as their go-to detangler brush, with many calling it a "game changer" or "lifesaver" — now, it’s your turn!

 See The Magic In Action!

From calming the morning hair tantrums to dealing with tangled wet beach hair, our brushes do it all. Solving the hair problems in your home for good!

Why Happy Hair Brush™ Is The #1 Choice Of Mothers?

Hair brushing isn’t new. But our expertly-designed hair brush for pain-free detangling is the clear favorite choice of mothers as compared to other options.  

Happy Hair Brush™


Expertly designed bristles

Pain-free brushing

Easy to clean

For all hair types


30 days money-back guarantee

Award-Winning Brand In New Zealand


The Happy Guarantee!

Guaranteed to put a smile on your and your little one’s face

We love what we've created, if you don't, just send it back for a full refund. It's as simple as that, no questions asked. We want you and your kid to be happy!

30 days money-back guarantee

Hey Mom, Got Any Questions?

I have tried so many brushes without success. Why should this one be different?

Great question! Visit our Hair Brush Guide to see what makes this brush so special. 

And if that still doesn’t convince you, have a look at the thousands of 5-star reviews we have received for our brush. We aim to make 1 million people happy! You will see in the reviews that we are on track to achieve that.  We have helped many women, mothers, men, and children over the years, so we are pretty confident we can help you, too. And if not, you have nothing to lose as we offer a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

How is the mini-travel brush different?

The main differences between the Mini Brush and our Original Happy Hair Brush™ are the size, shape, and material. The brush experience however is still very similar as both brushes have been designed with our amazing bristle combination including natural boar bristles and nylon pins.

We designed this brush for 3 reasons:

1. To provide smaller children with a brush they can use to learn to brush their hair as the size allows smaller hands to grip the handle perfectly.

2. To provide a brush for men (yes, let’s not forget about them 😊). The Mini Brush is perfect for men as it is small enough for short hair and perfect to style and brush beards and moustaches.

3. To offer a brush for when you want to feel at home but are out and about. So if you are travelling, the Mini Brush is the perfect companion for anywhere you go. Customers have told us in thousands of reviews that they love the Mini Brush as it fits perfectly in a purse and is also the perfect size to take along to school or any other sport/activity you or your child are doing be it dance, netball, or swimming. The Mini Brush gets knots and tangles out without pain or fuss, away from home. For further details on what brush is right for you, visit our Hair Brush Guide.

How are the boar bristles made?

We don’t just want happy people, we also care about the rest of the world so rest assured that no boars are harmed in the manufacturing of our brushes.

We have looked at making them entirely vegan, however, have found that synthetic boar bristles or other substitute bristles just do not work as well on thin to medium-thin hair.

Boar bristles evenly distribute natural oils from the scalp through the hair. These natural oils protect and condition hair. Natural boar bristles allow you to detangle your hair while massaging your scalp.

Another feature is that boar bristles do not damage your hair during brushing, hair doesn’t get fractured or split leaving it only beautiful and healthy.

You will find that after using our brushes for a few weeks, your hair looks and feels better and needs less washing and shampooing.

Can you use the brushes with a hairdryer or heat?

We want to be honest with you, we would not recommend using our brushes for serious blow drying as the long nylon pins can melt.

Many other hair brush companies state their brushes can be used for blow drying, but from our professional experience, if a brush contains nylon pins (and most do), these will melt over time if you use heat on them.

We are working on a brush you can use for styling so please visit us again soon to see if we can help you.

Can I use the brushes on wet hair?

Yes, absolutely. Our hair brushes are designed to be used for dry and wet brushing.  

How much is shipping?

In New Zealand: For orders over $99, we offer FREE standard delivery across New Zealand. 

A $10.00 flat fee applies to orders under $99. We promise, this is less than it costs us to ship your precious goods to you.

International Shipping: Shipping fees outside New Zealand might differ and will be advised during checkout. The shipping calculator works out costs as shipping is based on weight.

Shipping out of New Zealand for small parcels such as ours is more expensive than normal so we would recommend ordering with a couple of friends to split the costs of shipping.

What if I am not happy with my brush?

We love what we do, but if you don't, we offer a complete 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked, no hassle, we promise. Just contact us by email, phone, or here within the first 30 days of receiving your products and our amazing customer support team will help you organise a refund.

Meet The People Behind The Happy Hair Brush™

Happy Hair Brush™ founder, Jen Harwood, is a single mum and has a deep bond with her daughter Rose. However, it was tested and stretched EVERY morning when Rose was 5 at pre-school. Rose's hair was thick and she had a sensitive head. Not wanting to deal with the daily brushing fiasco, Jen cut Rose's hair shoulder-length to get it in a ponytail as per pre-school requirements. Jen was about to ‘chop it all off’ into a short bob a year later when Rose started Kindy as the daily drama and fighting by the front door got worse and the hair brushes were just too much – for mother and daughter!

After a year of struggle and trying out many different brushes, Jen had had enough and she looked for manufacturers to create her own. It took various rounds of prototypes until the Original Happy Hair Brush™ was born – a brush that combines 5 brush designs into one.

The rest is history.

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Your morning battles are over! Join thousands of Aussie mothers who have gone from tears to cheers with the Happy Hair Brush™. Smoother mornings and happier smiles are just a brush away!

30 days money-back guarantee

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